Paranormal Investigation Group

About us

Hades Costa Rica was born on September 2010, as the first paranormal and parapsicological investigation group in Costa Rica, from a scientific and rational approach. It is formed by people of different careers (doctors, engineers, teachers, among others) that constantly study and are interested in the paranormal phenomena.

We are a NON- PROFITABLE organization, our services are completely free and our mission is to assist every person and family that feel or sense that something out of the ordinary happens around them either their house, office, amongst others, and help them find an explanation.

Our main objectives are:

1- To verify or discard the presence of paranormal phenomena in a scientific manner, with the use of special equipment.

2- To observe the diverse phenomena that happens within an environment in order to try to provide an objective, rational and scientific explanation.

3- To compare the differences between paranormal phenomena  and parapsicological phenomena.

4- To analiza posible paranormal phenomena applying the scientific method.

Hades CR follows no creed, meaning we are not a religious or spiritist group.

You can contact us through the contact form (above) or write to hades.cr@gmail.com if you need a response in english, or call us to Hades help line: (506) 6068 3356 for Spanish speakers.

Grupo de Investigación de Actividad Paranormal y Parapsicológica – Contacto: hades.cr@gmail.com